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Watch Iran's pretty impressive frame-for-frame ripoff of Modern Family

There's this great sitcom out there. It's about a big family — an intimidating but loving patriarch, his nosy but loving adult children, their hapless but loving partners, and their bookish/angsty/naive but caring children. Oh man, what is it called?

Oh, I know, Haft Sang.

Sure, it sounds a lot like ABC's Emmy-winning comedy Modern Family. And it looks a lot like it, too. But, no, this is the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting's incredibly accurate, frame-for-frame ripoff of the American sitcom. The stage direction, props, and sight gags are all the same. Even the Iranian version of Alex Dunphy — Claire and Phil's nerdy middle child — looks eerily similar to the American actress, minus the head scarf, of course.

The one glaring difference? Surprise! Iran's Modern Family does not include a gay couple. Sadly, there is no Iranian version of Cam who debuts his and Mitch's newly adopted child in the style of The Lion King opening. (Clearly, a missed opportunity.) Watch the frame-for-frame comparison clip from YouTube user Sina Haghighi and see for yourself. --Lauren Hansen