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Bucks net new coach

Coaching trades like Jason Kidd's are more common than you'd think

The Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks have agreed on a deal to send Jason Kidd to Wisconsin. The first-year coach, who reportedly lost a power struggle within the Nets organization, is headed out of New York in exchange for two second-round draft picks.

Though the swap was shocking — news of the souring relationship between Kidd and the Nets only broke late Saturday — it was hardly an aberration in pro sports. Rather, teams are surprisingly willing to trade valuable pieces to land a coach.

Last year, the Celtics dealt coach Doc Rivers to the Clippers, while back in 2007 the Heat sent Stan Van Gundy to Orlando. And in the past couple of seasons, the Red Sox and Marlins traded for managers John Farrell and Ozzie Guillen, respectively. And that's to name just a few.