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The Daily Show dabbles in Dick Cheney historical fiction

Jon Stewart is as gleefully annoyed as his late-night TV peers about Dick Cheney's re-emergence as a prominent purported expert on Iraq and warfare. And he's as impressed at Fox News' Megyn Kelly's unexpectedly pointed grilling of the former vice president — "I guess now Dick Cheney know what it feels like when someone you thought was a friend shoots you in the face," Stewart quipped on Monday night's Daily Show.

What Stewart added to the Cheney pile-on was a talk with Senior Dick Cheney Correspondent Michael Che (i.e., the New Guy). Live from "Jackson Hole," Che dramatically relayed to a rapt Stewart his heartfelt conversation with Cheney, in which Cheney apologized for his "stupid" mistakes in Iraq, took responsibility for the fallout, and improvised a song on lying about Iraq's WMDs. You can't exactly call it fan fiction, but it's pretty clear what Cheney would be saying now if Stewart's writers were in charge of the script. --Peter Weber