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Even a feline behaviorist couldn't help Portland's infamous 'hostile' cat

In case you were wondering what happened to Lux, the 22-pound Himalayan cat that became so "hostile," according to its Portland-based owners, that they felt the need to barricade themselves in a bedroom and call 911 back in March, the Associated Press has your answer.

Feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy featured the crazy cat in a Saturday episode of his Animal Planet series, My Cat From Hell. Alas, unlike other cases Galaxy has worked, this one — at least so far — does not include some story of inspiring rehabilitation. Instead, Lux got himself kicked out of a second home when his new guardians said they, too, were concerned for their safety due to the cat's violent outbursts.

For his part, Galaxy is not giving up. The reality television host has placed Lux in an undisclosed clinic, where the cat is receiving medication for what veterinarians have diagnosed as feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which they say could be triggering the hostile behavior.

"I do not see a vicious cat," Galaxy told the AP. "I do not see a killer."