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Cast of Hey Dude reunites to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary

It's a little wild and a little strange to think that the first scripted Nickelodeon show, Hey Dude, premiered 25 years ago. Last week, members of the cast and crew gathered at the ATX Television Festival in Austin to discuss the cult classic and whether or not it would work in 2014.

Hey Dude ran for 65 episodes, following the exploits of a bunch of teenagers working at an Arizona dude ranch. The ATX Television Festival was the first time the cast — including David Lascher (Ted McGriff), Christine Taylor (Melody Hanson), David Brisbin (Mr. Ernst), Josh Tygiel (Buddy Ernst), Debrah Kalman (Lucy), Jonathan Galkin (Jake Decker), and Geoffrey Coy (Kyle Chandler) — had gathered together since 1991, CNN said.

Two stars were missing: Kelly Brown, who played Brad Taylor, had to stay home due to a family emergency, and no one is sure whatever happened to Joe Torres, who played Danny. "Some of us did stay in touch, but it was back in the day when we all left, and we didn't have e-mail addresses," Taylor said.

The cast all agreed that a remake of Hey Dude wouldn't work in this day and age. "Nowadays, a reboot would be so different," Taylor said. "It was just these kids on a dude ranch navigating their way through these simple issues. I don't think it would be cool to see Brad and Melody texting each other or Instagram-ing each other." --Catherine Garcia