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Anheuser-Busch shares ingredients in Budweiser, Bud Light to appease the public

Through the power of petitions, food blogger Vani Hari has successfully persuaded Subway to remove certain chemicals from its bread and Kraft to stop using orange food coloring in macaroni and cheese. Now, she has convinced Anheuser-Busch to list the ingredients in Budweiser and Bud Light.

Anheuser-Busch was swayed on Thursday to share the ingredients, just one day after Hari started a petition that Time reports had more than 44,000 signatures. Now, interested parties can visit the company's website to see that the beers are made of "water, barley malt, rice, yeast, and hops." Over the next few days, they'll also release the ingredients in their other beers, including Stella Artois and Michelob.

Hari began the petition in order to see if the rumors were true that many beers add high fructose corn syrup, artificial colorings, and fish swim bladders into their beverages.