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Tips for rocking your stripes on National Seersucker Day

Tips for rocking your stripes on National Seersucker Day

Today is National Seersucker Day, and Congress is ready to celebrate the spirit of the South. A revival of the defunct Seersucker Thursday tradition, Seersucker Day was proclaimed by Rep. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, and many members of Congress are sporting seersucker suits to celebrate.

Seersucker Thursday started in the 1990s, when then-Senator Trent Lott revived the striped suit in Congress. The lightweight fabric allowed senators to remain cool in the summer heat while still looking proper. This year, Lott gave Roll Call a list of no less than 11 tips on how Congress members can dress appropriately for the occasion. Among Lott's suggestions: wear pastel-colored ties, match your ties and your socks, and never wear black shoes with a seersucker suit.

Lott resigned as majority leader of the Senate in 2002, and there are reports that Eric Cantor will step down as majority leader of the House today. Perhaps Cantor should brush up on his fashion expertise?