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Bill Cosby thinks Bill Cosby's new television show will be a hit

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Bill Cosby says Bill Cosby's new NBC comedy is a surefire hit, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

"I've got it all put together, man! I even have my wardrobe ready," Cosby said.

Unfortunately for the 76-year-old actor, comedian, and producer, NBC does not appear to be quite so gung-ho about the half-hour sitcom it signed in January. The show is on the "off-season development track," according to the network, meaning it is not being developed with a fall premiere date planned. That hasn't fazed Cosby too much, who says his new show will hearken back to storylines featured in his original sitcom, The Cosby Show. Unlike today's sitcoms, which Cosby says lack loving couples and respectful children, his show will give viewers a taste of the way things were.

"People say they love each other (on TV), they say they're married and these things, but the way they talk to each other, it doesn't sound like it," he said. "I don't see anybody kissing! And the children are still a pain in the neck."

Two other NBC shows featuring high-profile stars (Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes) flopped last fall, but Cosby is convinced his show will break the trend.

"It will be fantastic," Cosby said.

Hey, as long as there are crazy sweaters galore, I for one am willing to give it a shot for the sartorial lessons alone. So keep dreaming big, Dr. Huxtable.