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Target employee finds loaded gun in toy aisle

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A Target employee in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina made a scary discovery late last month: a loaded gun sitting on top of a superhero toy box.

The Associated Press says that on May 30, the employee was investigating a possible theft when he found the gun in the toy aisle. He told police that he had witnessed a man walk around the area several times, but authorities do not know if he had any ties to the 9-mm handgun. Officers said that there were eight bullets inside of the gun, and it had not been reported stolen.

This isn't the first time Target and guns have been in the news this week; on Wednesday, the organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America started a petition asking Target to prevent customers from bringing firearms into stores. Authorities say that there is no link between the gun found in Myrtle Beach and the petition.