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Two girls horrifically gang-raped, hanged in India


Indian media is reporting that two girls were gang-raped then hanged to death from a mango tree in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The girls, who went missing Tuesday night, were 14 and 15, and reportedly members of the dalit caste.

According to India's NDTV: "The tiny village... woke up on Wednesday morning to the chilling sight of two teen girls hanging from a tree in an orchard."

"We haven't concluded the investigations but as of now we believe the girls were assaulted for their low caste," Man Singh Chauhan, Senior Superintendent of Police in Badaun, where the attack occurred, told the Washington Post. [The Washington Post]

Indian newspapers are carrying photos of the chilling sight that met the villagers yesterday (warning: graphic and awful). It's just the latest in a string of very nasty rapes that has put a global spotlight on India's tolerance of sexual violence.