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Trespassing teens hop fence to take polar bear selfies, enrage Toronto Zoo

Twitter/CBC News

Two Toronto-area high schoolers are being questioned about why they snuck off during a field trip to the Toronto Zoo to trespass into the polar bear exhibit. The kids wanted to pet the bears, and they even videotaped the potentially dangerous interaction and took selfies with the the bears.

In a video sent to the Toronto Star, two teens are shown sticking their fingers through a polar bear's cage. "That's actually so mean, he needs more attention," one student is heard saying. The 16-year-olds, named Samuel Gonzalez and Georgianna Nagy, were eventually caught by a zoo employee, who merely sent them back to their school's field-trip group.

Thinking the matter was finished, Gonzalez posted the trespassing video to Instagram on Tuesday, leaving both the school and the zoo fuming. Both organizations are now working together to conduct an investigation into the incident. -- Jordan Valinsky