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Professor trapped in Himalayan crevasse records his epic escape


John All, a professor of geography and environmental studies at Western Kentucky University, had the scare of his life when he fell into a 70-foot-deep crevasse while climbing in the Himalayan mountains.

"I thought I was going to die," All wrote on the American Climber Science Program's Facebook page. "There was no way out." All used his cell phone to write on the program's social media page, asking for immediate help and rescue. He wrote that he was suffering from a broken arm, broken ribs and internal bleeding.

After six hours, All managed to crawl out of the hole, and it took him another three hours to reach his tent. Global Rescue eventually dispatched him a helicopter rescue team.

During his time in the crevasse, All filmed himself and detailed his escape attempts. Check out his description of where he fell and how he climbed out in the video below, and check out the entire four-part sequence of All's video diary on his YouTube channel. --Meghan DeMaria