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Kids these days

Two 12-year-olds face charges for allegedly selling sleeping pills at school

Getty Images/Tim Boyle

Whither the lemonade stand? Police in Philadelphia busted two 12-year-old boys for allegedly stealing prescription sleeping pills from a family member and selling them to classmates for $10 a piece.

A school official told KYW-TV that the boys didn't know what they were selling, but they confessed to consuming the Ambien pills themselves. One boy who the pair sold Ambien to was charged with possession of a controlled substance. While the incident is alarming, police said they believe it was an isolated occurrence.

Riverside Township Police Lt. Louis Fisher said while seeing a duo of 12-year-olds dealing drugs is a first, it signals a growing prescription drug problem. "The abuse of prescription drugs, the age is getting younger and younger all the time," he said.