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Mitt Romney to GOP: You love me, you really love me

ALEX WONG/Getty Images

That's the message coming from allies of the former presidential candidate, according to this BuzzFeed article on last night's Republican primary results, which featured establishment candidates routing their Tea Party challengers. Romney's endorsement and fundraising abilities were reportedly prized by the victors, and that's being touted as evidence that the former governor and private equity manager has a stronger following within his own party than his conservative opponents had claimed. BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins continues:

To fans of the former presidential nominee, Tuesday was evidence that Romney Republicanism is alive and well in today's GOP.

"I think Republicans are sick of losing," said Robert O'Brien, a Romney family friend who served as a foreign policy adviser to the campaign. "I think the Romney brand has had a real resurgence after the campaign, and a lot of Republicans realized, hey this guy was right about a lot of things, and they realize his endorsement carries significant weight." [BuzzFeed]

Romney 2016? Bueller?