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No laughing matter

Louis C.K. is kind of conservative

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Celebrated comedian Louis C.K. was on a recent episode of NPR's Fresh Air to discuss the fourth season of his FX series, Louie, when talk turned to sex. More precisely, talk turned to the dangers of having it with strangers.

Talking about his character on the show, the comedian said, "I'm trying to beat something into his head... he gets confronted with the idea that if you're intimate with a total stranger, it's a reckless thing to do. Getting into bed with somebody, simply because you like their body — or because they came on to you — these always lead to bad choices."

"Almost every single time I've had sex with someone for the first time, I should have waited," the comedian confessed about his personal life. "Pretty much 100 percent of the time, I should have waited a little. It never hurts."

Since Louis C.K. is not exactly known as a culture warrior, Fresh Air host Terry Gross asked if this wasn't just a rehearsal for advice he plans to give his daughters when they are older. To that, he responded:

Well, I do think we should tell our kids when they start making these choices, tell them the real thing. Like, don't tell them hocus pocus, spooky stories. You know, someone's gonna kill you; Jesus is gonna' hate you if you do this. Tell them the truth, which is, you're gonna feel crappy if you do this. It's not worth it. Just wait. It's a very big deal to be naked in a room with... another person. That is so intimate. That's such a big deal. And when you don't treat it as a big deal, you get confronted with how big a deal it is, as a surprise, you know, when that urge is over that got you there.

This sounds like pretty practical, even conservative advice.