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Our favorite industries to hate are internet and cable providers, poll shows

George Frey/Getty Images

You might have thought this for a while, but it's finally official: there's nothing we loathe more than dealing with our cable or internet providers. A new survey from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which asked 70,000 people about their overall satisfaction with several communications companies, found that internet and cable providers ranked dead last in terms of satisfaction.

Only 65 percent of those polled were satisfied with their cable companies, a decline of 4.4 percent since last year. Internet companies fared worse, with 63 percent of people reporting they were satisfied with their service — that's a decline of 3 percent since last year. Fiber-optic and satellite companies, like Verizon's FiOS and DirecTV, scored the highest in terms of satisfaction.

Time Warner and Comcast, who are seeking a merger, ranked last for both television and internet companies. Head over to Quartz to see more from the survey.