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Jimmy Fallon and Terry Crews perform the world's first — and hopefully last — 'nip sync duet'


The lip-sync-offs on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show are great, but the offshoot he unveiled on Monday night — the first ever "nip-sync duet" — is, um, something else. The premise is simple: Fallon, football-player-turned-actor Terry Crews, and their pecs perform a synchronized performance of "Ebony and Ivory," the Paul McCartney-Stevie Wonder duet. The two men might be lip-syncing to their own voices — it isn't McCartney and Wonder, and it sounds at least like Fallon's voice — but while Crews' body is real, Fallon is using a stunt double/green screen. This gets an A+ for stupid human trick, but for better or worse, you won't be able to un-see this spectacle. --Peter Weber