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Graduation Day

Ex-student accused of making graduation bomb threat — so her family wouldn't know she dropped out

A 22-year-old in Connecticut is accused of phoning in a bomb threat to the graduation ceremony at Quinnipiac University — reportedly in an effort to prevent her family from discovering that she had dropped out.

The suspect Danielle Shea was present at the graduation on Sunday, complete with a cap and gown she bought — despite not actually having been registered as a student there this year. Then her mother, who had given her thousands of dollars this year for school, couldn't find Shea's name on the graduation roster.

That's when Shea allegedly panicked, The Hartford Courant reports:

Hamden police said the first call in which the female voice said "there is a bomb in the library" was made at 5:45 p.m., or about 15 minutes before graduation ceremonies for the College of Arts and Sciences were scheduled to begin.

While Hamden police and Quinnipiac police were searching the library, a second bomb threat was called in about 17 minutes later.

The woman stated, "Several bombs are on campus. You haven't cleared out graduation. That's not a good idea." [The Hartford Courant]

Instead of being canceled, however, the graduation was moved to the university's sports arena a mile away. It was there that police arrested Shea, after the threatening phone calls were traced to her cell phone. She is now charged with threatening in the first degree, and falsely reporting an incident.