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The trailer for ABC's Selfie is even worse than we imagined


ABC's new comedy series Selfie has its first trailer, featuring series stars John Cho (Harold and Kumar) and Karen Gillan (Doctor Who).

Gillan's character, Eliza Dooley, has just gotten out of a relationship with a man she didn't know was married. While this probably sounds like the pilot of every other sitcom, Selfie takes things to the next level. Rather than focusing on her professional goals or re-entering the dating world, Dooley becomes obsessed with her public image after an embarrassing photo of her post-breakup hits the internet.

The trailer, narrated by Eliza, sets up her relationship with Henry (John Cho), whom she enlists as an image consultant tasked with helping her make better decisions. At the end of the trailer, Eliza concedes that "being friended isn't the same as having friends," and the voiceover is followed by a dramatic, rain-filled scene with Henry telling Eliza to live in the moment. In short, it's everything you'd expect from an ABC show called Selfie. --Meghan DeMaria