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Couple says they were served marijuana-laced McDoubles from McDonald's

Scott Olson/Getty Images

An Iowa couple says that their McDonald's dinner was anything but a happy meal when they found marijuana on their cheeseburgers.

Brittany Songer told Iowa's Ottumwa Post that in April, she and fiancé Cory Long were served McDoubles with pot between the patties from a local McDonald's. Songer was six weeks pregnant when Long brought her the meal from her favorite restaurant; a self-proclaimed picky eater, Songer said she usually ate at that south Ottumwa McDonald's "two to three times a day," and that "the employees even recognize me."

Songer said the burger tasted odd, and at first she thought it had something to do with Long's cologne. Instead, she lifted up the bun to discover what she said was marijuana. At that point, "you could only smell the illegal drugs that were on it."

The Ottumwa Police Department is investigating, and the McDoubles were sent to the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation to be tested; results should come back in about two months. Songer wants everyone to know she isn't angling for a lawsuit, and that she is truly concerned for the safety of her baby. "I was in complete shock that someone would want to put that on someone's food and give it to them," she told the Ottumwa Post. "They have no idea who it's going to and then it goes to a pregnant woman.... I just hope that they learn that was very foolish and hurtful."