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Explorer believes he has found the remains of Columbus' Santa Maria

Emanuel Leutze/Wiki Commons

An underwater archeological investigator believes he has found the wreckage of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria off the northern coast of Haiti.

Barry Clifford tells The Independent that "all of the geographical, underwater topography, and archeological evidence strongly suggest" that it is the famous flagship, which sank in 1492. Clifford used information and photographs gathered from earlier expeditions and data gleaned from Columbus' diary to pinpoint the location. Clifford planned on making a definitive identification earlier this month by photographing a cannon on the ship, but during his trip to the wreckage found that it had been looted.

Despite that setback, Clifford said, "I am confident that a full excavation of the wreck will yield the first-ever detailed marine archeological evidence of Columbus' discovery of America." Clifford tells The Independent that he would like to see the remains brought up and put on display in a museum in Haiti, and hopes that such an exhibit would boost tourism to the country.