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Mmm, bacon

Kevin Bacon's brother stars in clever turkey bacon ad


Michael Bacon may be Kevin Bacon's older brother, but he's still lived in the shadow of his sibling's fame. Oscar Meyer teamed up with the elder Bacon to create a riff on the pair's sibling rivalry — and, of course, their last name.

Michael stars in a new ad for Oscar Meyer's turkey bacon, with the ad stating that "both [of] these bacons are overshadowed by their famous siblings... but when you are born into a great bacon family, bacon greatness is born into you."

Though he's earned Emmys for his musical scores and composition for shows including The Kennedys and Healing and the Mind, Michael is still much less of a household name than Kevin. This fact, according to Oscar Meyer, makes him an "unsung bacon hero."

Check out the full ad below. --Meghan DeMaria