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Poll: Spending time with mom is the best Mother's Day gift


You should probably stop reading this and go hang out with your mother, or at least give her a call if you haven't already. That's because a quarter of Americans say a little quality time with mom is the best Mother's Day gift, according to a timely CBS poll.

Meanwhile, 22 percent say flowers are the best gift, while 10 percent offer some variation of love/hug/kiss/respect. Most of the other top responses are intangible, too — "good behavior" and "happiness" are in the mix — which makes sense. But I'm a bit surprised there aren't more creatively lavish responses in there as well. An oversized check for $1,000,000 would be a pretty awesome gift, as would a brand new car. You could even drive said new car to see your mom.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go wish a certain someone a happy Mother's Day.