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The gift that keeps on giving

Celebrate Mother's Day with this Ode to Mom playlist


There are plenty of imaginative and hilarious Mother's Day cards. But for the most part, the Hallmarks of the world are limiting, lame, or downright wrong when it comes to expressing our myriad of feelings for Mother Dearest.

So this Mother's Day, ditch the clichéd statements of thanks and say it in song with The Week's Ode to Mom playlist.

In 13 songs that span five decades, you can express your gratitude for her endless support ("Hey Mama," by Kanye West), angst over those early helicopter years ("Mother," by Danzig), or just admit that mom really does know best ("Oh, Mother of Mine," by The Temptations).

Whatever the feeling, you can find it here. This Sunday, save yourself the embarrassment of a stock joke, tie this playlist up in a digital bow, and send it to the one you love for Mother's Day. At the very least, it'll save you a trip to the store. --Lauren Hansen