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The Daily Show's 'Deranged Millionaire' wants to buy the L.A. Clippers, too

Daily Show

On Thursday night's Daily Show, another wealthy celebrity threw his hat in the ring to buy the L.A. Clippers from disgraced owner Donald Sterling. Well, technically, John Hodgman's alter-ego, the "Deranged Millionaire," wants to buy the team. Jon Stewart played devil's advocate.

He doesn't care about basketball, Hodgman says, but owning a sports team is "the last remnant of capitalism's golden age," and as an "oligarch American" it's time he owned his own "herd of humans." That sounds absurd, and Stewart protested accordingly, but once you hear Hodgman out, he makes a pretty compelling case. There is so much wrong with his plans for the Clippers — sooo much — but that's sort of the point of his character. Enjoy. --Peter Weber