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Man wins $1.5 million after New Brunswick refuses to let him open 'Buck Foston's' bar

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

One time in high school, I got a talking-to for wearing a homemade "Buck Floomington" T-shirt to a football game. I got off with a warning, but on Wednesday, Lawrence Blatterfein walked away from his fight against The Man with $1.5 million.

It's good to be Lawrence Blatterfein.

The longtime Yankees fan owns several bars in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and he wanted to open a new one called "Buck Foston's Road House," which NJ.com describes as, "a twist on the sports rivalry between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox." (Pretty sure you can figure out what the "twist" means.)

But city officials denied Blatterfein a liquor license, saying the bar's proposed location on a busy intersection presented dangers for motorists and the surrounding neighborhood. Blatterfein sued, naming the city, Mayor James Cahill, and the city council president as defendants. Nearly three years after filing his initial lawsuit, Blatterfein won more than $1.5 million when a federal jury ruled in his favor on Wednesday.

The Yankees fan has since moved to Florida, but he said he still wants to open a Buck Foston's, which — funds-wise at least — probably just got a whole lot easier.