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The Colorado Symphony Orchestra is producing a weed-friendly concert series


From hotels to vending machines, it appears that Colorado residents aren't done combining everything imaginable with pot. The Colorado Symphony Orchestra announced that it's producing a weed-friendly concert series sponsored by the cannabis industry appropriately called "Classically Cannabis — The High Note Series."

The state relaxed its weed laws this year, and now allows people to light up in private settings. Since this CSO event requires a ticket, it technically qualifies as a private event, so audience members will be permitted to smoke during the show. It's important to note, however, that the symphony isn't supplying the pot, so concert-goers over 21 years old will have to bring their own. Colorado Symphony Orchestra CEO Jerry Kern said the event is a perfect way to inject some much-needed money into the struggling organization.

"It was an interesting way of connecting ourselves to new audiences and new, potential financial support," said a totally chill Kern to KUSA-TV.

Tickets go on sale today for the summer series.