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Behold: Beverly Hills' 100th birthday cake

Behold: Beverly Hills' 100th birthday cake

A city’s centennial is certainly a big milestone, and when the elder in question is Beverly Hills, opulence is the name of the game.

Beverly Hills’ iconic three-block-long Rodeo Drive, known for its expensive stores, is hosting a block party on Sunday, so the Luxe Hotel commissioned a $200,000 birthday cake for the extravaganza.

The Guittard Chocolate Company tapped executive chef Donald Wressell to quarterback the 4,000-pound chocolate cake’s creation:

And in case you were wondering what goes into a 15,000-slice cake, ingredients include 262 pounds of cake flour, 460 pounds of granulated sugar, 900 eggs and 210 pounds of butter (check out the full list here).

Block party organizers plan to serve the cake to visitors on Sunday, which is a great alternative to ditching your elaborate birthday cake in a dumpster. --Sarah Eberspacher