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Man seen walking on a leash was a 'theatrical project,' woman explains

Twitter/Fifi Haroon

Last Friday, the internet was gripped by a photo of a woman walking a man on a leash in London. Speculation about the incident's purpose swirled as the hashtag #manonleash exploded on Twitter. Some thought it was an erotic experiment, while others said it might be an elaborate PR prank.

Turns out, it was for a theatrical project.

The woman in the picture, Eden Avital Alexander, is an actress and told the London Evening-Standard that the intent of the stunt was to capture onlookers' reactions to a man being walked on a leash in public. To record the scene, a hidden camera was placed in a tissue box by a woman walking beside the pair.

"It was not a BDSM or a PR stunt; the project seemed at the start like a funny thing to be a part of and was all about the audience, which for me I think is the most important part of acting," she said. Read the rest of the interview at the London Evening-Standard. -- Jordan Valinsky