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Should have checked Wikipedia: Rolling Stone gets a historical fact wrong on its latest cover

Rolling Stone

The fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus posed nude for the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone isn't what everyone is talking about. Instead, they're focused on a glaring error printed on her back: the U.S. Constitution with John Hancock's prominent signature underneath.

"What's the problem?" asked everyone who missed that day in 5th grade when you learned about the Founding Fathers. Well, Hancock actually signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. According to the New York Daily News, when asked for comment, a representative for Wenner Media explained (presumably in jest): "The Declaration of Independence is on the other side but we couldn't fit in all the signatures."

Louis-Dreyfus, who currently stars as Vice President Selina Meyer on the HBO series Veep, took the mistake in stride, joking on Twitter that it was her fictional PR representative's fault. "Yet another Mike f—k up. Dummy," she tweeted. --Catherine Garcia