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The Drew Carey/Craig Ferguson switch: CBS doesn't understand April Fools' Day


Are you ready for "the biggest April Fools' prank in television history?" Despite the network's attempt to make it a thing, you probably won't find it on CBS. Ostensibly to celebrate April Fools' Day, Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson have switched shows for a day, with Carey hosting The Late Late Show right after midnight and Ferguson doing The Price is Right in the morning. As entertainment, this is a great idea. As an April Fools' prank, it makes no sense.

Right off the bat, this host switcheroo fails the first test of April Fools' jokes: It isn't a surprise. CBS has been promoting its "prank" for days now. Second of all, there's no trick here. Apparently, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the audiences were surprised during the tapings of the shows — Ferguson's Price is Right on Feb. 10 and Carey's turn behind the Late Late desk on March 21 — but since neither of those were on April 1, calling it a prank is just confusing. Antics? Sure. Hijinks? Probably. April Fools' joke? Nope.

People have been celebrating April Fools' Day for centuries; somebody should explain to CBS how it works. --Peter Weber