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Secret Service agents sent home after a sloppy night in Amsterdam

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

What happens in Amsterdam doesn't stay in Amsterdam, at least not if you're a U.S. Secret Service agent. The Washington Post reports that three agents on President Obama's detail were sent packing after spending Saturday night drinking, culminating in one of them discovered passed out in a hotel hallway. New rules for Secret Service agents on official trips — implemented after an embarrassing 2012 drinking-and-prostitute incident — are clear: They are not allowed to drink alcohol within 10 hours of being on duty. While Obama wasn't set to arrive until Monday, the trio did have a scheduled classified briefing on Sunday.

A Secret Service spokesman confirmed that three employees have been sent home for disciplinary reasons and are now on administrative leave pending an investigation. He did not add that if you're going to get drunk and pass out in a hallway, it's best that you don't do it when you're in a foreign country, entrusted with protecting the President of the United States.