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Tom Fletcher's charming video of his pregnant wife is much better than yours, dads

Tom Fletcher/YouTube

Parents, British singer-songwriter Tom Fletcher is just like you: He also took photos of his wife's growing abdomen while she was pregnant with their first child — then wrote a charming song about it, performed that song alongside a stop-motion video of his wife's increasingly pregnant belly, then uploaded the project to YouTube where, like your newborn baby video, it was seen by more than four million people within days. Needless to say, the "aww factor" here is very, very high. But give wife Giovanna her props, too: By agreeing to share her baby bump with the world, she has facilitated Fletcher's biggest hit in the U.S.

Fletcher, singer with the band McFly, is no stranger to late nights, bad food, and forgoing showers — as he noted on Twitter — but before you watch how he totally upstaged your videographic tribute to your first child, know that in many ways he actually is just like the rest of us: Fletcher and nine-day-old son, Buzz, spent hours at the doctor's office on Saturday, for what turned out to be normal nine-day-old-baby fussiness. --Peter Weber