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Seattle police are taking another look at Kurt Cobain's mysterious death

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

Ever since Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Washington home 20 years ago, conspiracy theorists have claimed the death was not, as the medical examiner determined, a suicide, but rather an orchestrated murder. Well, Seattle police will only further fuel that speculation, as they've delved back into the case, according to the local KIRO news.

Police last month developed four rolls of 35 mm film from the scene that had been sitting in storage for years, according to the station. The film reportedly shows the scene more clearly than did old Polaroids used in the initial investigation, though there is no word yet on what authorities hope to find on the film, or why they chose to take another look at the case now.

Cobain died in 1994 of a gunshot wound to the head. Though the coroner deemed the wound self-inflicted, skeptics have maintained that someone else — possibly Cobain's wife, Courtney Love — pulled the trigger.

UPDATE: As The Washington Post points out, police have no new leads in the case. Rather, a detective poking through the old file simply found the undeveloped film, and authorities decided they may as well develop it.