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You're now allowed to add quinoa to the Seder menu


In what's a huge sigh of relief for Brooklyn, Jews are allowed to eat as much quinoa as they want during Passover. A group of rabbis have approved the grain-like side dish, since it is technically an herb and is now certifiably kosher. Jews are restricted from eating leavened and fermented grain products during the week-long holiday.

The Kashrut Division of the Orthodox Union, which is the group that approves kosher food, was concerned that the trendy food is sometimes grown next to fields of grain and transported in the same bags. "There have also been concerns over whether it was processed in the same facility as other grains, making it likely that small amounts of barley or oats could have cross-contaminated the quinoa crop," writes Haaretz.

So, the organization sent a rabbi to South America to survey quinoa fields and ensure the food isn't grown near any grain fields. It approved two brands — Goobaums and Pereg — for your Seder menu.