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Convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff: 'I'm not a great fan of redistribution of wealth'

Stephen Chernin / Getty Images

In 2009, Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for running the largest Ponzi scheme in American history, a scheme that netted the duplicitous financier some $50 billion. In other words, Madoff oversaw a massive redistribution of wealth from many (his clients) to one (himself).

Well, Politico caught up with the disgraced Madoff for a three-hour-long interview, the result of which is this perfect, tone deaf passage:

Madoff voted for Obama in 2008, but now says he is "terribly disappointed" in the president and would not have voted for him a second time. "His policies are too socialist." [...] New York Mayor Bill de Blasio? "I'm not a great fan of redistribution of wealth," Madoff says. [Politico]

Hear that, you dang socialist politicians? Stop trying to redistribute all that wealth. That's Madoff's job.