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Late Night Antics

Watch Seth Meyers' Late Night Players act out New Yorker cartoons


I don't know if anyone actually reads Playboy just for the articles, but I'm fairly certain that some people read The New Yorker only for the cartoons. So when Seth Meyers had New Yorker editor David Remnick on Late Night, the one-frame comics were an obvious topic of conversation. Meyers did that one better, though, bringing in a troupe of actors (the Late Night Players) to re-enact some of the often abstruse, usually witty, and sometimes funny cartoons. Meyers is taking risks in his new gig, and going highbrow can backfire terribly on late-night TV. This didn't. The one about the wedding toast worked particularly well, and having Remnick explain the cartoons only added to the delightful absurdity. --Peter Weber