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In 1980, there were 8 craft breweries in America. There are 2,768 today.

Brewers Association

Put another way, there are 34,600 percent more craft breweries today than there were three decades ago. And that's just one of several interesting data points in the Brewers Association's new report on the state of the craft beer industry, which — surprise, surprise — is still booming.

Also of note: the craft beer industry hauled in $14.3 billion in 2013, a 20 percent increase over the previous year. Yet while the industry continues to loosen Big Beer's stranglehold over American consumers, it still comprises just 7.8 percent of the overall beer market. If only more states would heed my advice and stop regulating the alcohol content in their beers, that share could rise even higher.

Anyway, here's a pretty infographic, courtesy of the Brewers Association, on the state of the industry:

You can find a bigger, high-resolution image of that graphic here.