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Late Night Antics

The Daily Show has some fun mocking the CPAC power players

Comedy Central

On Monday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart started out by laughing at the description of CPAC as the "Woodstock for right-wingers." That's like saying the "Lilith Fair for dudes," he suggests, or "Burning Man for people who don't do drugs and are afraid of fire." That was just prelude to Stewart's systematic and sometimes vulgar mockery of the various 2016 Republican frontrunners addressing last weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference. It's not so much their policies Stewart focused on in the first segment, but their lame jokes:

In the second half of his CPAC post mortem, Stewart engaged in a little truth-squadding of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), took some admittedly "irrational and arbitrary" potshots at Arby's, and was skeptical of NRA chief Wayne LaPierre's entrance-music selection. Stewart also got to try out a new impersonation. Oh, and he revealed the 2016 GOP presidential nominee, based on a selective look back at previous CPAC straw polls. You heard it here first. --Peter Weber