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How I Met Your Mother's Cristin Milioti thinks your conspiracy theories are 'insane'

Screenshot/The Hollywood Reporter

Last week, How I Met Your Mother aired an episode that implicitly teased a disturbing possibility: "The Mother" — whose first encounter with series protagonist Ted has been teased for more than 200 episodes — will be killed off before the series comes to an end.

But if you're a subscriber to this widespread conspiracy theory, Cristin Milioti (who plays the mother) would like to ease your worries.

"There have been rampant theories throughout the show in the last couple years, and this season, that the story's being told because the mother is dead," says an interviewer from The Hollywood Reporter during a recent chat with Milioti.

"That's insane," replies Milioti. "There's like, some crazy conspiracy theories — which actually just makes me, like, really love the fans more, 'cause I'm like, 'Wow, you guys are really... you're getting to the bottom of, like... something. I don't know, there's such passion there. That is so crazy." Milioti goes on to compare the "Mother is dead" theory to Lost, though she admits she's only seen a single episode — so there's still a chance she'll turn out to be the Smoke Monster. --Scott Meslow