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Watch The Daily Show shame the GOP for putting Iran sanctions above U.S. veterans

Comedy Central

On Wednesday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart returned to his favorite pet cause (that doesn't involve cable news): The various ways Washington abuses military veterans. In this installment, Stewart focused on the Senate Republicans blocking a bill that would increase health care and education benefits for veterans — and the lack of outrage that has engendered.

The GOP's denial of veterans' benefits has all the elements for a good national shaming, Stewart said: hypocrisy, criticism from veterans' groups, and — this is a Daily Show flourish — nunchuck-wielding nuns. So why aren't voters furious that these Republicans are putting an Iran sanctions bill above U.S. veterans? Watch below to find his solution, but here's a clue: Reverse the two endpoints of Stewart's Shame-o-Meter. --Peter Weber