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Watch The Daily Show criticize everyone over Russia's Ukraine invasion

Comedy Central

New Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper picked a helluva day to join Jon Stewart's team. On Monday night's show, Stewart got his viewers up to speed on Russia's invasion of Ukraine's Crimea region, with all the usual Daily Show flourishes — criticizing Vladimir Putin's land grab, the response from John McCain and other Republicans, plus John Kerry's invasion double standards (and Putin's) — and he even threw in a nice self-referential poke at The Daily Show:

I bet Vladimir Putin's going to feel pretty stupid when he watches this show tonight and sees that he's been caught in a classic Daily Show gotcha moment. Yeah, it's probably pretty hard to keep invading a country when you've been unmasked as a hypocrite. Ukraine, you're welcome?

Klepper's inaugural segment, "live" from Crimea, was less about the situation in Ukraine and more about introducing new talent. It's funny. It would have been funnier on a less news-heavy day. --Peter Weber