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Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' video re-edited after accusations of blasphemy


After going one step further than her usual casually offensive cultural appropriation, Katy Perry was pressured into scrubbing her "Dark Horse" music video of a controversial reference to Allah, which had sparked a change.org petition that had gained traction and garnered negative publicity for the pop singer.

Muslims declared the video blasphemous for its depiction of a suitor who gets zapped and turned into a pile of sand while wearing an Allah pendant. (See a before-and-after comparison of the shot in question here.) While the petition originally demanded the music video be removed in its entirety, original petitioner Shazad Iqbal called the erasure of the pendant a victory.

No word on if we can petition to remove the nightmare-inducing image of Juicy J emerging from a rainbow sarcophagus from our memories, though.

Watch the (now scrubbed) version below. --Samantha Rollins