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It's not all bad

It's not all bad: Social media saves a life

Using Tumblr and Twitter to track down and save a suicidal 16-year-old girl — and more in our collection of feel-good tales to warm your heart

California native Jackie Rosas saved the life of a New Jersey teen after reading her suicidal Tumblr post. Rosas saw the blogger's threat and alerted police. The cops notified schools in the area to no avail. They found the 16-year-old blogger's Twitter account by matching the photo to her Tumblr. Police poured over her tweets, YouTube videos, and blog posts. They found a November tweet that mentioned the "UHS marching band" and matched it to a school in New Jersey. Police found her and took her to a medical facility. "It's an amazing feeling knowing you are able to help someone from thousands of miles away," said Rosas.