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Only in America

Only in America: Cheerleading: Too sultry?

Schools ban "skimpy" cheerleading outfits in class, but not on the field — and more in our collection of strange revelations about the nation

High-school principals in San Jose, Calif., and Lake County, Fla., have told cheerleaders they can no longer wear their uniforms to class on game days, because the outfits are too skimpy. Traci Williams, principal of San Jose's Piedmont Hills High, said the girls will wear jeans with their uniform tops because miniskirts violate the district's dress code. "We don't want them bending over," she said of her notably flexible squad. Cheerleaders say if the outfits aren't too racy for games, they should be OK in class. "They're making us feel like outcasts," says Piedmont cheerleader Antonia Bavilacqua.