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For those who have everything

For those who have everything: Brewing beer... in seven days?

A Willy Wonka-esque contraption that brews beer in just seven days — and more in our collection of bizarrely elite consumer products

Home-brewing your own beer isn't easy. You can be as meticulous as a laboratory scientist when you combine ingredients, yet there's no avoiding the next frustrating, weeks-long step: "Place in a warm spot, cross your fingers, and wait." But now, the $5,000 (or so) WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery, created by a pair of New Zealanders, produces chilled, ready-to-drink home brews in just seven days. "If Willy Wonka had invented a home-brew beer machine," it would work as magically as this contraption — which, sadly, won't be available in the U.S. for months. Source: Wired.