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Ms. Kidman Regrets

Watch Nicole Kidman explain her charmingly 'awkward' interview with Jimmy Fallon

Nicole Kidman's delightfully uncomfortable interview with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday's Tonight Show was "so not planned," she tells The Associated Press. "That should be apparent." The widely viewed interview centered around a could-be date that Fallon totally blew. Her plan when visiting his apartment a decade ago (when both were single) wasn't to "seduce him," she added. "I don't know if seduction is part of my repertoire. I think I was more just kind of open to the idea — which never eventuated, so...."

Sadly, Kidman says she won't ever go back on Fallon's show, and it's not clear that she's joking. "It was awkward — the whole thing was awkward," she said. But if as many people watch Paddington, the film she's trying to promote, as her Tonight Show starring turn, it will probably all be worth the embarrassment. Watch Kidman's comments below. --Peter Weber