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Massachusetts got so much snow, ski resorts are closing down

Boston has now officially had its snowiest February on record, with a crazy 58.5 inches after another blizzard on Sunday, the National Weather Service says. And another 1 to 3 inches are expected to fall on Tuesday. The previous record for February, 41.6 inches, was set in 2003. People in Massachusetts are getting a little sick of the snow.

"People that have to shovel every day just to get out of the driveway, they're going crazy," Jon Maul, 37, tells the Los Angeles Times. "People are starting to get really bitter, and February's not halfway over." The snow is affecting business and hourly employees, too. It was so snowy on Sunday that the Great Brook Cross Country Ski Touring Center in Carlisle, Massachusetts, closed on Sunday. "That's right," says Matt Pearce at the L.A. Times: "A ski center was closed because there was too much snow." The weather in Los Angeles on Monday? 65 and sunny.