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It's official: No one likes Hillary Clinton's campaign logo

No one knows quite what to make of it. As Sol Sender, the designer of President Obama's famous "O" logo, tells The New York Times, "It's not a particularly galvanizing type symbol. It doesn’t say a whole lot." And what it does say may be the wrong message, as this New Yorker cartoon points out:

If it is any consolation to Clinton, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, one of her potential opponents, also unveiled a curious campaign logo this week. His team's decision to reduce America to the dot above the "i" in his last name seems like some kind of inversion of the saying, "There's no 'i' in 'team.'" (There's no America without Rubio?) Particularly unfortunate was the decision to excise Alaska and Hawaii. As designer Karl Gude told Business Insider, "He just lost the Hawaii and Alaska vote."