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Crisis in Iraq

Official: ISIS set off 30 car bombs in Ramadi, with 10 as big as the Oklahoma City blast

New information is coming out about the events leading up to Islamic State taking over Ramadi, Iraq, on Sunday — including that 30 car bombs were detonated in the city center, 10 of them similar to the Oklahoma City truck bomb.

The vehicles were able to get to the city center after an armored bulldozer plowed through barricades surrounding government buildings, ABC reports, and a senior State Department official said on Wednesday the blasts took out "entire city blocks." After the bombs went off, the Iraqis deployed a reinforcement column to the city center, the official said, but they came under heavy fire and had to retreat.

Although security forces left, the official said the situation is not like what happened in Mosul, where Iraqi forces abandoned their posts and equipment; the Ramadi forces have "regrouped" and "consolidated" and are planning a counter-offensive.